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Our goal is to help you get your allergy symptoms under control as soon as possible so that step by step you can regain control of your life.

First we take a detailed history of your problems, review past medical records, perform a careful physical examination, check your lung function, perform appropriate allergy tests then develop a treatment program.

Identification of your allergy triggers, pollen, danders, dust mites, mold spores, food or medicine allows us to encourage allergen avoidance.

For outdoor pollen that you cannot avoid, we can help you limit your exposure.

We will help you select medication that can reduce your symptoms with a minimum of side-effects.

Note that allergy medication works better if you anticipate events and take your medicine before you go near your allergens.
If you get severe allergy symptoms, have year-round problems, get frequent complications such as sinus infections, sinus headaches, asthma flares or want to avoid taking medication all the time then you should consider allergy shots.

Immunotherapy - allergy shots - consists of a vaccination against those things you have become allergic to.

We use allergy shots to treat pollen, mold and animal dander allergy.
We prepare a solution of allergen extracts in the office according to your skin test results.
We make a series of dilutions so that you can start off at a weak enough dose that will cause no reaction.
At first you should come in often, at least twice a week so that you can get an increased dose each time.
To get the best results from allergy shots you should advance as quickly as possible to the strongest dose you can tolerate.